Chapeaux de baseball personnalisés en gros

Baseball hats become a daily necessities when people go outdoors nowadays. It’s quite popular that many people might own one or several, especially for those people who like sports. Jian is devoting to make one-stop solution for our customers, we do not just produce metal pins, but also produce custom baseball hats. They are made of brushed cotton twill/ denim/ mesh fabric etc, and we could set with your own customized metal emblem/ embroidered logo/screen printing logo /sonic welding logo/rhinestones etc., there’s no MOQ limitation yet with wholesale price & quick turnaround time & quality service, just contact our sales team to get more information right away, they could assist you to make your own stylish baseball hats and order hassle-free.



● Le matériau est un sergé de coton brossé / denim / tissu maillé, etc.

● Logo: emblème métallique personnalisé / brodé / sérigraphie / soudage sonique / strass, etc.

● Emballage: Sac en poly standard ou selon les exigences du client.


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